Air Traffic Management – ATM

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ANPC is a leading provider of all-weather precision approach landing aids, surveillance products and air traffic management solutions for the general, commercial and military aviation markets.  Founded in the Northwest, the Company’s products provide airspace safety, efficiency and capacity in a complete ‘airport in a box’ solution.

The airport in a box concept addresses a significant need: the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration estimates that forty percent of airfields supporting scheduled services are unsuited to conventional instrument landing systems. While the United States is addressing this need with a satellite-based multi-billion dollar ‘NextGen’ air traffic system, the cost is prohibitive to the vast majority of International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) member states. Universally however, ICAO member states are requiring precision approach aids at scheduled service airfields not only for improved weather penetration but also for increased safety.

ANPC’s product lines are fully digital with no moving parts and low power draw ensuring very low total cost of ownership; they fit well within existing airfield property avoiding prolonged land acquisition and environmental issues; they operate where radar is cost prohibitive or where ILS can not be installed because of rough terrain; they require no modifications to IFR equipped aircraft and no additional aircrew training. Applications include:

  • air traffic management
  • sequencing and separation
  • minimum safe altitude warnings
  • precision approach

For the military, the airport in a box concept earns the acronym RAPCON. In addition to the permanent installations similar to civil requirements and including the military Ground-controlled Approach, the company has developed a highly mobile version for military use that has been successfully demonstrated to the United States Marine Corps, Navy and Air Force and has been demonstrated in China and Italy.

The products surveillance information can be applied to air traffic solutions for area surveillance, local surveillance, approach surveillance and ground surveillance covering a wide range of services meeting the demand for increased safety, separation and incursion avoidance. Moreover, each company surveillance system meets all four requirements.

ANPC has delivered systems to the U.S. military, Spanish Air Force, Australian Air Force and Brazilian Air Force.

As part of the integrated service ANPC provides to improve airport access, ANPC can supply:

  • aeronautical obstruction survey
  • procedure development
  • installation
  • maintenance