Military Transportable TLS (TTLS) HMMWV mounted

TLS Military HMMWV

Transportable Transponder Landing System

The TTLS provides terminal surveillance capabilities around and over an airfield to a range of 60 nautical miles and precision approach guidance to both ends of a runway. In cooperation with the U.S. Marine Corps and U.S. Air Force and capable of supporting all aircraft in the DoD inventory, the TTLS is being developed as a joint service solution to mobile surveillance and guidance for expeditionary and forward-deployed operations.

The system features tunable interrogation and surveillance coverage via hardware and software, with no moving parts or rotating antenna arrays. Multiple approach profiles can be configured and selected with software. The system is built on a commercial off-the-shelf computing platform, and can be configured in various form-factor or military vehicle for utmost mobility. The TTLS adheres to the RTCA DO-178B reliability standard for airborne software and the SAE ARP 4754 certification model for highly-integrated or complex aircraft systems.

transponder landing system - instrument landing system