Air Traffic Management

ANPC's multilateration surveillance is an alternative to Secondary Surveillance Radar (SSR), that circumvents the high initial cost and annual maintenance costs for SSR at new, temporary, or expanding airfields.

The ANPC LAMS (Local Area Multilateration System) has a small 100-meter footprint with tracking range extending to 120 nm, providing accuracy superior to a Secondary Surveillance Radar, and with no turntables or moving parts.

With compact receivers and all electronics completely contained in a small on-airport footprint, ANPC LAMS provides positional accuracy and update rates never before achieved at a fraction the cost of SSR and significantly lower cost than multilateration systems requiring widely dispersed sensor units.

The ANPC LAMS can be installed to full operational capacity by a small crew of technicians in less than 2 hours, which is by far the fastest deployment possible of any transponder multilateration system.

LAMS uses a combination of time-of-arrival and angle-of-arrival measurements of all transponder replies in the air or on the ground, and provides positional information that can be applied to air traffic management solutions covering a wide range of ATC or ground control services, meeting the demand for increased safety, separation and incursion avoidance. All approach tracks are recorded and archived for later review, be it for training or procedure monitoring and enforcement.

ANPC LAMS provides the following benefits:

  • Multilateration on land
  • Multilateration at sea (shipboard, off-shore drilling rigs, etc)
  • Parallel runway monitoring
  • ADS-B surveillance
  • Secondary surveillance
  • Enforcement of noise abatement departure procedures
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