Airspace Awareness

The world's airspace is becoming increasingly congested with commercial traffic as well as drones and hostile airborne targets. To monitor and manage a crowded airspace requires a heightened level of awareness and security, and ANPC has combined several technologies to produce highly sophisticated, cost-efficient, and flexible air surveillance solutions.

ANPC's multi-sensor surveillance solutions integrate a compact, shelter-mounted primary radar (PSR) with a solid-state secondary surveillance system (SSR) to provide situational awareness and security for airports, borders, and high value assets. The SSR component provides surveillance of all transponder-equipped aircraft to a range of 100 NM with higher accuracy vs. conventional radar systems, and the PSR can detect non-cooperative manned aircraft and other targets as small as 1 square meter to an instrumented range of up to 100 NM. 

With compact receivers and all electronics completely contained in a small on-airport footprint, ANPC's multilateration secondary surveillance technology provides positional accuracy and update rates never before achieved at a fraction the cost of a conventional radar and significantly lower cost than multilateration systems requiring widely dispersed sensor units. The integrated primary radar provides unambiguous, high-resolution Doppler speed measurements of all targets in a single scan and maintains the ability to discern multiple discrete targets flying in close proximity. The entire system has a solid state design with superior reliability and low lifecycle costs, and is completely contained in a single 20' Conex shelter for operations and transport by land, air, or sea. 

All surveillance data is integrated into a single air situation display and the system can be configured to include precision approach guidance and/or other sensors for enhanced target identification or range and accuracy requirements in any environment.

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