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ANPC's TTLS Transportable Transponder-based Instrument Landing System provides a complete and rapidly deployable navigation and surveillance solution for remote or temporary airfields. It has all of the functionality of the fixed-base TLS for ATC and Cat. 1 precision approach guidance, but is repackaged for easy transport and quick setup and tear-down without the need for concrete pads or other civil works.

Expeditionary forces, humanitarian support, disaster and emergency response organizations all must rely on critical and time-sensitive air operations both day and night, and in all manner of weather and visibility conditions, often during times of high crisis with human lives at stake. Such operations require highly accurate real-time situational awareness of all aircraft movements in the surrounding airspace to maintain minimum separations and minimal interference with normal civil aviation activity. This requires a rapidly deployable area surveillance system that also allows for controller-assisted or autonomous precision instrument approaches.

The Transportable Transponder Landing System (TTLS) provides terminal surveillance and critical 360-degree situational awareness around and over an airfield to a range of 120 nautical miles, as well as precision approach ILS guidance for up to four aircraft simultaneously. Guidance capabilities notwithstanding, the TTLS at its core is a full-featured area surveillance system, similar to a Secondary Surveillance Radar, but with enhanced accuracy and rapid deployment capabilities. It also serves as a Precision Approach Radar (PAR) used for controller-assisted approaches, but with a vastly greater range, an unprecedented update rate of 22Hz for superior accuracy, and no reliance on aircraft radar cross section. Comprised of solid-state COTS components with no moving parts, the TTLS is completely self-contained in a 20’ Conex container that can be transported on a single C-17, C-130, or Chinook helicopter, and can be unloaded and deployed to full operational capacity in less than 8 hours by a small team of trained technicians. The container serves as the operations center at locations without ATC facilities.

Every bit an ILS, the TTLS meets or exceeds all ICAO Annex 10 and FAA requirements for a Category I precision approach, The TTLS also complies with the RTCA DO-178B reliability standard for airborne software and the SAE ARP 4754 certification model for highly- integrated or complex aircraft systems.

The TTLS is the ideal joint services solution for maximum readiness and airfield capability, and it's only available from ANPC.

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