Rapid Deployment

ANPC's surveillance and navigation systems are available in multiple form factors and transport configurations to provide complete ATC, approach guidance, and airspace awareness solutions in a matter of hours, anywhere in the world and in any climatic or terrain environment.

Expeditionary forces, disaster recovery, and emergency response organizations rely on critical all-weather air operations both day and night, often in situations that present risks to life and property. Such operations require highly accurate real-time situational awareness of all aircraft and airborne target movements in the surrounding airspace to maintain minimum separations and minimal interference with normal civil aviation activity. This necessitates a rapidly deployable area surveillance system that also allows for instrument or controller-assisted precision instrument approaches.

ANPC's Transportable Transponder Landing Systems (TTLS and TTLS-463) provide 360-degree situational awareness about any airfield to a range of 100 nautical miles, CAT. I precision approach ILS guidance for up to four aircraft simultaneously, and Precision Approach Radar (PAR) capabilities. These systems setup and operate completely independent of GPS or other satellite-based navigation, and require no upgraded avionics or additional pilot training.

The TTLS is completely self-contained in a 20’ Conex container that can be transported on a single C-130, Chinook helicopter, rail car, or flatbed truck, and can be unloaded and deployed to full operational capacity in less than 8 hours by a small team of trained technicians. The container serves as the operations center at locations without ATC facilities. A primary radar may be included to provide full ASR functionality with no impact on transportability or operational footprint and minimal added installation time.

The TTLS-463 provides the same functionality but is configured for transport on a single 463L master pallet which occupies just one pallet position on a C-130, is fully deployable in 4 person-hours, and may be operated from any remote location via fiber-optic or wireless network connectivity.

These systems are the world's only deployable aircraft surveillance and guidance solutions.

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