Airspace World 2023

Geneva, Switzerland
March 08-10, 2023
Stand #A21

Welcome Airspace World 2023 Attendees!

Advanced Navigation & Positioning Corporation (ANPC) is pleased to be an exhibitor at Airspace World 2023, to be held March 8-10 at the Palexpo Center in Geneva. Airspace World is the largest and most influential airspace and near-space management event in the world.

ANPC is the world’s only supplier of rapidly deployable approach guidance and surveillance systems for challenging airfields anywhere in the world. Our family of transponder-based surveillance and guidance systems (TLS) combine the functions of an ILS, SSR, and PAR in a single platform and operates completely independently of GPS or any satellite-based navigation. Our transportable systems can be installed in a matter of hours in any runway environment regardless of runway length, terrain, obstacles, or climate conditions.

The TLS is a scalable architecture that is specifically designed to serve airfields where conventional ILS systems are infeasible or where GPS/GNSS is unreliable or unavailable. It requires little to no earthworks or site conditioning, and when deployed occupies a single small footprint adjacent to or astride the runway threshold.  It may also be configured to provide precision approach guidance to helipads, maritime vessels, and offshore drilling facilities. TLS-based systems offer seamless integration of additional data sensors including primary radar, optical/infrared imaging, RF detection, and others to meet customized surveillance, navigation, and airborne threat mitigation requirements.

TLS at McMurdo Station, Antarctica

Our standard configuration is fully self-contained for transport in a single 20' Conex container, which is environmentally controlled and serves as the operations and maintenance center for the system. The system can also be operated remotely via Ethernet over fiber or wireless connections.

Our newest system configuration is the TTLS-463, which is fully self-contained for transport on a 463L master pallet and occupies a single C-130 pallet location. It can be installed to full operational capability in two hours by two trained technicians. No other system in the world provides this level of transportability and rapid deployment.

20' Conex and 463L Pallet Configurations

TLS with Integrated Primary Surveillance Radar

All ANPC systems provide precision CAT. I ILS guidance without the need for upgraded avionics or special pilot training, as well as PAR guidance for ground-controlled approaches. SSR surveillance is provided to a range of 100NM, with ASTERIX-compliant data output for all live and recorded surveillance and guidance tracks.

SSR Surveillance to 100 nm

PAR Console View for Ground Controlled Approach

With customers and installations on all seven continents, ANPC has been manufacturing precision approach guidance and area surveillance solutions since 1991. Our products are specifically designed to serve thousands of airfields around the world that cannot accommodate conventional instrument landing systems due to terrain and obstacle challenges. We are a certified small business, and all system design, testing, and production are conducted at our corporate headquarters in Hood River, Oregon. All systems are in full compliance with ICAO performance requirements for CAT. I Instrument Landing Systems.

Please visit us at stand #A21 and our representatives will be pleased to answer any questions. 

If you'd like to set up an appointment to learn more about ANPC's deployable landing and surveillance systems, simply click here to send us an email.

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