July 8, 2022

Rep. Peter DeFazio Visits ANPC for TLS Demonstration

Hood River, OR, (July 08, 2022) – Standing on the tarmac at Columbia Gorge Regional Airport in Dallesport, WA, Congressman Peter DeFazio (D-OR) discusses the complexities of surveillance and safe all-weather landings at terrain-challenged airports with Jeff Mains, CEO of Oregon-based ANPC. Despite recent developments in satellite-based navigation, there remain many U.S. commercial airports and military air operations that are challenged to keep pace with ever-increasing air traffic congestion and demand for quickly deployable surveillance and navigation solutions. ANPC has proven to be an innovator in providing deployable solutions to address these challenges around the globe.

As the Chair of the House Committee on Transportation & Infrastructure, Chairman DeFazio has worked to improve oversight of the nation’s aviation capabilities, operators, and regulators. For over 30 years, ANPC has been providing air traffic management and all-weather instrument guidance systems that combine cutting edge technology with effective utilization of legacy onboard avionics to provide critical services where conventional ground-based and modern satellite-based navigation solutions are ineffective or unreliable. During his visit, Chairman DeFazio was briefed on ANPC’s unique approach to solving current and evolving aviation problems, and the basics of its underlying technology.

ANPC’s technology stands out for its ability to be easily transported and fully deployed anywhere in the world in a matter of hours, regardless of the surrounding environment and with no reliance on satellite-based navigation or modern avionics. Since the end of the Cold War and subsequent reduction in the number of fixed air bases maintained around the world, U.S. warfighters are increasingly reliant on tactical deployments to temporary and often remote facilities. ANPC’s systems facilitate this “Agile Combat Employment” with the world’s only rapidly deployable instrument landing and surveillance capability. In response to natural disasters such as those recently suffered in Haiti, Puerto Rico, and New Orleans, the TLS may be implemented to quickly restore critical flight operations and facilitate humanitarian aid where airspace infrastructure has been destroyed or disabled. TLS guidance can overlay existing approaches without the need for time-consuming design of new instrument procedures.

“ANPC prides itself in improving safety and capacity at airports in the strange and unusual places in the world,” said Mains. “But, our commercial airports at home and defense interests abroad must have multiple options for managing and guiding aircraft in any environment or scenario.”

According to Chairman DeFazio, “The U.S. must maintain and advance ground-based systems such as those provided by ANPC, as a complement and also a backup to modern GPS solutions that retain some inherent vulnerability to natural or intentional disruptions.”

About ANPC

With customers and installations on all seven continents, ANPC has been manufacturing innovative precision approach guidance and surveillance solutions since 1991. ANPC is a certified small business and all system design, testing, and production are conducted at its corporate headquarters in Hood River, Oregon.

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