​​​​Primary Radar C-Speed

[Primary Radar  C-Speed]

• Tech Readiness Level 9 (TRL9)
• ASTERIX Compliant Output
• Remote Monitoring
• Remote Operation
• S-Band
• Not ITAR Controlled


• In-fill air surveillance
• ASTERIX compliant output
• Integrated with legacy and NextGen systems
• Fixed Units
–Roof, shelter or tower mount
• Fusion tracker and display
–Provides multi-radar fusion data formats to legacy radars
• Exceptional signal-to-clutter performance
• Integrated with AMOC, STARS and other leading C2 systems
• Low cost
–Acquisition and O&M
• Defense, Homeland Security, and ATC missions manned/unmanned air systems detection
• Air/border region surveillance
• Stand-alone or multi-sensor networked configuration
• Multi-mission
–Flexible architecture
• Low transmit power
• Low operation power
–Enables off grid operation
• S-Band
• Rotation: up to 45 rpm max
• Instrumented range: 110 nmi
• Azimuth: 360° coverage
• MTBF > 13,800 hours
• Multi-radar fusion or mosaic
• Frequency agile
• Detection of low-altitude targets, slow flyers, ultralights, surface vessels/vehicles
• Non-cooperative target detection and tracking
• Multi‑mode operation
• Data recording High bandwidth digitized RF pre‑processed Low bandwidth plot and track outputs
• All-weather
• Remote operation and monitoring






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