Navigation and Surveillance solutions for challenging airports around the world

Advanced Navigation and Positioning Corporation is a global supplier of precision approach guidance and area surveillance solutions aimed at improving the safety and capacity of civil and military aviation for customers on all seven continents.

ANPC's transponder-based solutions are designed to serve airfields where others cannot. Most of the world's airports lack the ability to support existing systems due to terrain, obstacles and other challenges.  ANPC's mission is to serve such airports.

ANPC Solutions

GNSS-Denied Environments

Innovative surveillance and navigation systems that operate independently of satellite-based services where and when they may be unavailable or unreliable.

Rapid Deployment

ANPC facilitates all-weather flight operations with solutions that can be deployed anywhere in the world and in a matter of hours, for defense or disaster recovery.

Airspace Awareness and Security

Customizable airborne threat detection and mitigation solutions to secure perimeters, borders, and high-value cultural or industrial assets.

Terrain-Challenged Airfields

Ground-based precision approach guidance for increased safety and accessibility where conventional ILS cannot function due to surrounding terrain or obstacles.

Remote Air Traffic Management

Surveillance and aircraft separation at uncontrolled airfields or those lacking radar facilities. 

Remote and Floating Platforms

Surveillance and navigation solutions for offshore drilling facilities, maritime vessels, industrial sites, and off-airport helipads 

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